GaiaCam's mission is to support environmental research around the world by bringing live feed research webcams to viewers. 

The health of the planet's ecosystems is threatened like never before. GaiaCam strives to create a new funding model for environmental research by giving a portion of our proceeds directly to content providers dedicated to conservation, research, and education. By subscribing to a webcam feed, viewers contribute to crucial, ongoing research. 

GaiaCam's goals are to:

  1. Financially support conservation and research efforts
  2. Give viewers real-time access to micro-environments world-wide
  3. Further scientific study of ocean and land ecosystems
  4. Provide additional security and monitoring at webcam locations
  5. Promote life science, conservation, and environmental education in school and at home

By subscribing to GaiaCam your monthly support is donated to our partners’ efforts to protect our home—save the planet without leaving your couch!


Partners broadcasting on GaiaCam can tap into our network of viewers to promote and generate revenue for their conservation efforts.