GaiaCam works with content providers around the world, providing them with a media platform to help drive conservation, research, and education efforts.

Why GaiaCam?

Environmental conservation and research is still viewed as a government and nonprofit sector obligation. By challenging this paradigm, GaiaCam offers a new funding model for research, allowing subscribers to directly support vital studies. Scientific communities know that environmental ecosystems are being decimated by decades of pollution, over-exploitation, disease, and, more recently, rising temperatures. Up untill now, research has been constrained by slow, bureaucratic funding processes. GaiaCam's funding model invites subscribers to send dollars directly to research projects rather than assuming some portion of their tax dollars will be allocated to these efforts. The GaiaCam model encourages for-profit businesses to particpate in funding all aspects of environmental and conservation research.

By subscribing to GaiaCam your monthly support is donated to our partners’ efforts to protect our home—save the planet without leaving your couch!


Partners broadcasting on GaiaCam can tap into our network of viewers to promote and generate revenue for their conservation efforts.