Want to share unseen wildlife or majestic landscapes with the public, but don't know how?


Need to raise money to fund your conservation project?


GaiaCam is the crowdfunding platform for live video and nature conservation.


As a broadcaster on the GaiaCam Network, you are given your own personalized channel to share your piece of nature with the world while raising money and promoting your project.


By opting to support your GaiaCam channel, GaiaCam’s subscribers donate 10% of their monthly subscription payments to you. This allows broadcasters to use their GaiaCam channel to crowdfund current and future conservation projects by broadcasting their camera feeds on the GaiaCam Network. As a result, GaiaCam helps its broadcasters tell their story, educate the masses, and bring people and conservation projects together like never before. Through GaiaCam, citizen science and wildlife cams have now reached a whole new level!

Contact us at for more information on how to broadcast content on GaiaCam and receive funding from GaiaCam's subscribers.

By subscribing to GaiaCam your monthly support is donated to our partners’ efforts to protect our home—save the planet without leaving your couch!


Partners broadcasting on GaiaCam can tap into our network of viewers to promote and generate revenue for their conservation efforts.