What is GaiaCam?

GaiaCam provides access to live, streaming webcams world-wide. These webcams play a vital role in conservation and environmental research. These feeds are free, but users can subscribe to GaiaCam for ad-free viewing.

Thirty percent of the monthly subscription fee of $2.99 goes directly to conservation and environmental research. GaiaCam subscribers may choose to sponsor specific research projects by directing their monthly donation to the webcam of their choice. Each month, subscribers can sponsor a different webcam, but sponsorship is not a requirement of a GaiaCam subscription. Click here to subscribe.

Why watch GaiaCam?

GaiaCam is a media network dedicated to streaming nature webcams located throughout the world. Our partners use these webcams in their conservation and environmental research efforts. Because one-third of all subscription fees are donated directly to GaiaCam's partners and their research projects, your dollars become a valuable source of support for environmental studies worldwide. This research is vital to decoding nature’s messages about our changing ocean and land habitats. A GaiaCam subscription gives viewers the power to directly support environmental and conservation research.

But there are direct benefits to viewers as well. Researchers at UC Berkeley have confirmed that watching uninterrupted nature cams and videos increases happiness. The study revealed that viewing animal and sea life promotes positive feelings of awe, contentedness, and curiosity, and decreases fatigue, anger and stress. 

When can I watch GaiaCam?

GaiaCam is available 24/7/365. Rather than turning on the TV, users stream GaiaCam for an intimate window into oceans and rainforests. You can stream GaiaCam while reading, cooking, or entertaining. Far more economical than an in-home aquarium, streaming GaiaCam is a cost-effective way to bring nature into your home or workplace, and GaiaCam doesn't need a house sitter when you go on vacation. Many report that GaiaCam has a soothing effect on infants and children.

How can I watch GaiaCam?

On your computer, visit our live camera page to tune in. For $2.99 per month, Subscribers can watch GaiaCam advertising-free. Visit our subscribe page to join! Subscribers also have the option to sponsor a webcam by directing their monthly donation to the webcam/research project of their choice. Sponsorship may be changed or cancelled each month.

GaiaCam will soon be available for AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire and in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Please visit our subscribe page to sign up for GaiaCam.


By subscribing to GaiaCam your monthly support is donated to our partners’ efforts to protect our home—save the planet without leaving your couch!


Partners broadcasting on GaiaCam can tap into our network of viewers to promote and generate revenue for their conservation efforts.